Soils and Soil Health

  • We can assist clients with routine soil testing, including EC, pH, NPK
  • We can arrange more extensive testing including trace elements
  • Our speciality is in assisting clients with unusual questions or situations and tailoring reporting to suit:  examples include comparative testing of trial sites and analysis of soils in low and organic input regimes

Microbial Diversity and Soil Health Testing

  • We test soil health using microbial diversity as a measure
  • Almost any type of environmental sample can be analysed (water, soil, air, surface swabs, and products), soil is our speciality
  • We can quantify the diversity of microbial groups present in samples
  • We can also identify all microbes in samples
  • Microbial diversity assays can assist in process management, including water treatment processes
  • Microbial diversity is an excellent indicator of soil health
  • Microbially diverse soils often show lower disease incidence and improved ecological function
  • Microbial diversity is an excellent indicator of the effects of applied treatments on soil function
  • We can test soil microbial diversity easily, affordably, and produce results that assist in management
  • Clients have included farmers and growers