DNA Barcode Identification of Samples

  • We can assist with the identification of most samples where visual ID is challenging or where confirmation is needed
  • Examples of work completed includes:
    • Native plants from fragments, herbarium samples, and from difficult plant groups
    • Insects
    • Animal identification from faecal material, hairs, and feathers
    • Fungal and microbial cultures
    • Ask us to see example reports!
  • We utilize DNA barcoding, focussing on the current recommended genes for each group
  • Level of identification to suit you
  • We often compare unknown samples to samples of confirmed identification
  • Prices start from $60 per sample depending on group

Seed Varietal and Provenance Identification

  • Provide or receive batches of seed?
  • We can test varietal or provenance identification: crop, cultivar or native
  • We compare unknown samples to those with confirmed identification
  • We provide quality assurance on seed lots
  • We offer a confidential service, and have tested disputed seed batches