Boutique environmental consultancy integrated with a testing laboratory.  We are based in Bassendean, near Perth, in Western Australia.  Contact us now - our skilled science staff are looking forward to assisting you.

We carry out sample testing including DNA & Avian tests; and environmental surveys.  We can offer you:

  • Swift turnaround
  • Lab specialising in soil, plant, environmental & animal DNA testing
  • Highly experienced practitioners conducting accredited surveys
  • Client focus with competitive and clear pricing with outcome structure
  • No minimum block size or sample number requirement
  • Clear, jargon-free reports
  • Accredited practitioners, high quality standards and assurance
  • Code of professional conduct and ethics








DNALabs Environmental Genetics Services offers:

  • Swift service
  • Testing portfolio includes soil, plants, water and animals
  • Avian gender and disease testing, including PBFD / beak and feather disease
  • DNA fingerprinting and sample ID, including from scats, feathers and fur
  • Environmental DNA testing to identify specific organisms
  • Soil testing services, including soil health tests, microbial and fungal diversity
  • Plant identification and plant disease identification
  • Utilized by the agricultural, water, veterinary and environmental sectors
  • Accept samples from individuals
  • Local sample processing, no need to send samples away
  • Affordable professional testing with high standards of quality assurance
  • Local, friendly and approachable service