Avian (Bird) Gender and Virus Testing (PBFD/Beak and Feather, Polyomavirus)

Local vets and wildlife sanctuaries regularly entrust us to screen their samples

A cockatoo free of beak and feather disease virus.  The virus is common in wild parrot populations in Western Australia.
A healthy black cockatoo. Our tests for wildlife sanctuaries shows beak and feather disease virus is common in wild parrot populations.
  • We genetically test your bird's gender
  • We test for Beak and Feather disease virus and Polyomavirus independently or combined with gender
  • Testing for virus disease protects both your pets and wild birds
  • We are an efficient local service and provide a personal laboratory contact
  • We can send you testing kits optimised for Australia Post
  • You can send us samples by post (or drop them into the lab)
  • We aim to return results within 5 working days of receipt
  • We can test blood samples (PBFD, combined test), feather or egg shell samples (gender only)
  • Download our leaflet below for information
  • Click on the links below to request testing kits or submit samples
Bird Testing Information Leaflet
Bird Testing Leaflet 2020.pdf
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