Why do I need a bushfire attack level (BAL) assessment?

A Bushfire Attack Level assessment measures bushfire risk and threat level for a building.
Burning off to manage vegetation in Perth.
  • Are you planning a new house, extension or development?
  • A Bushfire Attack Level or BAL assessment measures the bushfire risk and threat level for your home or development
  • The bushfire risk is determined by assessing the vegetation around your building
  • Planning approval for development is usually contingent upon carrying out a BAL assessment if your block lies within a Bushfire Prone Area

Why choose us?

  • FPAA Level 1 accredited
  • A Bushfire Planning and Design accredited professional will visit your site and complete your assessment and report
  • We can combine your BAL assessment with flora and/or fauna surveys if these are also required as part of your planning process - this will reduce your costs
  • We are happy to advise you on appropriate native vegetation management.  We are experts in vegetation, native flora, their associated bushfire risk, and in environmental legislation. 

How long and how much?

  • Call us for a quote for your site
  • We aim for completion of your report in 5 working days
  • A site visit is essential!
  • Assessment costs depend on the complexity and size of the site